All Risk Insurance Coverage - include any door to door, partial or total cargo loss while in transit. This policy covers against theft, pilferage and damage from physical and external cause. All Risk provides the broadest coverage available on the transportation market and is subject to relatively small deductible with very little exclusion such as improper packaging, misconduct by the insurer, nuclear events. Deductible of sea freight marine cargo insurance varies based on cargo value, packing, commodity group and category, etc.

Total Loss Insurance - covers entire shipment against total loss, usually used for low value ocean shipments, not compensating against partial loss or theft. Total loss marine cargo insurance protect for specific transport related operations like collision, fire, nature's related disaster, vessel stranding or sinking etc. Total loss ocean coverage, insures all goods new, used, refurbished and do not require special packaging or loading. Usually no deductible is required.

Standard Marine Cargo Insurance also known as Basic Risk Coverage - insures freight damage or loss to portion of the cargo while in transportation. This marine freight container insurance provides protection for total or partial loss depending on customer requirements and is available for all goods and terms.

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